Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 08.06 Camera handling Quiz

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This is part of a multimedia training program for a typical basic laparoscopic operation.

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Basic laparoscopy: Cholecystectomy 08.06 Camera handling Quiz

1 Camera rotation is correct if:

The gallbladder is vertical.

Fluid levels are horizontal.

The arrow on the perimeter of the monitor is at 12 o'clock.

2 If the picture is not clear, what can you do to help?

Shake the camera.

Clean the lens.

Touch the omentum.

3 Which movement of the camera is best?

Slow and continuous.

Rapid and accurate.

No movement.

4 Which action will NOT help to centre the camera.

Looking at the handle of the camera.

Anticipating the surgeon's moves.

The cameraman remembers he is controlling the view.

5 On the diagram, point to the cystic duct.

At present, this question can only be fully displayed on the CD-ROM

version of the program.

6 If the surgeon wants to find the end of the clip applier, should the cameraman:

Zoom out.

Zoom in.

Move the camera from side to side.

7 If the pneumoperitoneum is lost, what can the cameraman check?

Check the CO2 tap on the camera has not turned off.

Check the umbilical port has not slipped out, causing a CO2 leak.

Check the CO2 line is not kinked.

8 If you think you cannot zoom in any further:

Push the umbilical port further in.

Keep still.

Change the focus.

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